What is the Vibets Pulse?

What does it do for me?


The Vibets Pulse is a wearable activity monitor for tracking fitness-related metrics, such as distance walked or run, calories burned, heart rate, quality of sleep and more.

You wear the Vibets Pulse on your wrist, like you would wear a watch, and it is synced wirelessly to your smartphone for long-term data tracking.

By doing this, you, the user, will be able to better measure daily activities and workouts, leading to greater results in weight loss or building muscle.

Vibets Pulse Main Features
Vibets Pulse Blue
Auto sleep track

The Vibets Pulse never stops. 

While in bed, it analyzes the quality and duration of your sleep.

Heart rate monitor

Your heart rate will be measured continuously throughout the entire day and the Automatic Heart Rate measurements will be displayed in the VeryFitPro App.

Multiple alarm

You can add several alarms if you desire to do so. The alarms available are labelled: Wake Up, Medicine Taking, Sleeping, Party, Appointment, Exercise and Meeting.


Three (3) of a total of fourteen (14) available Sports Modes can be set-up on your device. You can choose from Walk, Run, Bike/Ride, Fitness/Workout, Dancing, Basketball, Tennis and others!

You can check how many calories you burned after a workout or other exercise. Be extra motivated to reach your goals! 

The Vibets Pulse is synced to your smartphone and can track your run, walk or bike ride. Check all the results in the App after every session.

IP67 waterproof

The Vibets Pulse fitness tracker has got an IPX7 waterproof level, meaning you can wear it in the shower or on rainy days, for instance.

It can also resist water up to 3.3ft or 1m in depth.

Social alert

You can single-click the touch key to read your most recent notifications on the Vibets Pulse, like your e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Skype, Viber and more.

Long standby time

The Vibets Pulse takes about 2 hours to recharge. When fully charged, the battery should last up to 8 days.

Step counter

The step counter feature allows the user to track daily total step count. Use it as a tool for measuring their improvement overtime.

Sedentary reminder

For those that need a reminder to stay active, the Sedentary Reminder will notify the user after being idle at a rest position for too long.

Call alert

Want to know if someone is calling when your phone is not in your pocket? Watch for your call alert notification on your Vibets Pulse and don't miss that important call.

Remote shoot

You can take beautiful photos with a simple turn of a wrist. Have your phone ready for that group selfie and let the Pulse add new flair to taking your best photos.

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