You Move,We Power it.

Have you noticed how our lives have become so hectic?

Whether on our way to work, school, or simply doing home chores, we are constantly moving and in a way, shape or form, and exercising ourselves to a degree.

For many, that is the about the only type of exercise in their routine, yet it still has significance for overall well-being and maintaining the body reasonably healthy.

Even with so much going on, be it at the gym, the park or on your own terms, how much better would it be if you had the means to track such activities and hold yourself accountable?

The Vibets Pulse can answer that call and track your performance and progress towards a more balanced life. It can track many important data such as your footsteps, calories burned and heart rate to help you achieve and sustain these goals.

We are already living a fast-paced life and exercising without even taking notice. With the Vibets Pulse, the real opportunity is to use knowledge at the palm of your hands as fuel to make changes and get results that really matter.

Each step and each workout counts immensely on your daily development.

The Vibets Pulse monitors your daily activities as well as the quality of your sleep to help guide you towards your health and fitness objectives.

Monitor your pulse/heart rate in real time and receive alerts for maximum heart rate.

Sync your health and fitness data with your smartphone seamlesly and easily understand your information and stats every day.

Reach your goals set-up in the App and receive notifications on your milestones to keep pushing further.

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