Fit N' Easy: Healthy Pasta 3 Ways

January 9, 2019

Flavorful and easy to prepare, pasta is a classic food when you're "carb craving." And while you shouldn't help yourself to unlimited pasta on your diet, pasta dishes can fit into your weight loss plan. Just practice portion control, make smart choices about the pasta and sauce you use, and add vegetables to help you feel full so you don't overeat.


Try one of these 3 Healthy Pasta Recipes to aid your weight loss goals and keep things interesting!



1. Avocado Pasta recipe 290 calories (1 serving)



- 1.5 oz whole wheat spaghetti

- 1/2 avocado

- 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves

- 1 clove garlic

- 1/2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

- salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

- 1/2 tbsp olive oil 4 cherry tomatoes, halved

- 1/4 cup canned corn kernels, drained and rinsed


Preparation: In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook spaghetti according to package instructions; drain well. In a bowl add avocado and use a fork to gently mash until creamy, add garlic, lemon juice, salt and black pepper and stir to combine. Add cooked spaghetti, to the avocado sauce, with cherry tomatoes and corn. stir until combined and serve immediately.



2. Chicken and Spinach Pasta 430 calories (1 serving)



- 1.5 oz whole wheat spaghetti pasta, (dry weight) or 3 oz cooked (pasta double in weight after cooking)

- 3 oz chicken breast, cut into pieces

- 1/8 tsp dried basil

- 1/8 tsp dried oregano

- Salt and pepper, to taste

- 1 tsp olive oil

- 1 minced garlic

- 1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped

- 1/2 medium tomatoes, diced

- 1 oz grated parmesan cheese

- 1/4 tbsp parsley

- 1 oz spinach


Preparation: Cook spaghetti according to package directions. Heat olive oil on a large nonstick skillet over over low heat. Add garlic and onion, cook and stir until onion is tender. Add chicken breast and cook until no longer pink. Add tomatoes, dried basil, dried oregano, salt and pepper. cook and stir for 1 minute then add spinach and cover until tender 2 to 3 minutes. Once spinach is wilted, add cooked spaghetti, parmesan cheese, parsley. stir until well combined and serve immediately. 



3. Tomato Cucumber Feta Pasta Salad 290 calories (1 serving)


- 1.5 oz whole wheat rotini pasta

- 1 cup cucumber, diced

- 5 cherry or grape tomatoes, halved

- 2 tbsp sliced kalamata olives

- 2 tbsp red onion chopped

- 1 oz crumbled feta cheese

- 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

- 1 tsp white vinegar

- 1/2 tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice

- 1/8 tsp dried oregano

- 1/4 tsp honey

- 1 small garlic cloves, minced

- salt and black pepper

- pinch of crushed red pepper flakes


Preparation: Cook the pasta in a large stockpot of generously-salted water according to package. To make the dressing whisk all ingredients together until combined. In a large bowl add cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, black olives olives, feta cheese to the mixing bowl, then drizzle all of the vinaigrette evenly on top. Toss until all of the ingredients are evenly coated with the dressing. Serve immediately.




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