Does training legs increase testosterone levels?

January 17, 2019



Two compound exercises can trigger hormonal reactions:


Training legs with heavy squats and heavy deadlifts can lead to increased hormonal flow. These training routines if combined with proper nutrition, recovery system can very efficiently increase your hormonal responses. For each individual, there's no need for any lab instrument to tell you about your own hormones, you can just feel it.




If you train in a commercial gym, you’ve probably noticed most gym go-ers don’t train their legs. You might be the only one using the Power Rack for Squats and maybe you’ve seen guys with a huge upper-body but toothpick legs.


Popular excuses: “I run for my legs”, “My legs are too big already”, “Squats hurt my knees”, … Whatever the story, not training your legs is the biggest training mistake you can make.



Here are the 5 main reasons you should train them:



1. More Muscle. You can find studies showing that Squats and deadlifts increase the release of Growth Hormone & Testosterone more than any other exercise. These are natural muscle building hormones.


2. Bigger Upper-body. Squats & Deadlifts work your whole body, not just your legs.If you can’t train your upper-body because of an injury, you can prevent muscle loss in your upper-body by doing heavy Squats & Deadlifts.


3. More Strength. Stronger legs and core muscles will increase your strength on upper-body lifts and thus help upper-body muscle development.


4. Symmetry. A big upper-body with toothpick legs looks ridiculous... body symmetry is important, period.


5. Mental Strength. Here’s the real reason why people don’t train their legs: it’s physically & mentally hard. That’s why doing Squats and Deadlifts will build your mental endurance & character like no other exercise.



Check out some of our earlier posts on deadlifts and squats for more tips.




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