Most Effective Workout Gains

December 7, 2018

Still want to be able to workout? No time? We all still want to be able to train muscles at least once a week and live a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s streamline your workout and focus on what really brings in the gains.


The focus here is how to get the best bang for your buck. Let that be have that understood. We’re not talking about a workout that will help you get huge or ripped, but rather, how to have the best gains and in the shorter time, especially those still struggling. Building muscle is hard, it takes time and a lot of work. What we are doing here is just picking the top most important exercises that you should do when you don’t have the time to do all of them. The hard work part is still there.



The Most Effective Workout Plan



1. Deadlifts


Deadlift is the most complex exercise or movement that you can do in the gym. This compound movement requires a lot coordination, it will build up your entire back chain of muscles, it will improve your posture, your grip, it will develop your core and it will burn out a lot of calories during the workout.


Deadlifts primarily hit your back, but also your hamstrings, depending on the variation you are doing. For example, stiff leg deadlifts will put a lot more stress on the hamstrings. You can build an incredibly strong and good-looking body by only doing deadlifts. This is my number one exercise to do in the gym that will make you grow stronger and bigger. Deadlifts should go right to the top of your “do to” exercises.




2. Front Squats


The Front Squat is an extremely powerful exercise. More so that the deadlift, it will work more your quads and it also require that you have good lower body flexibility – mostly in your ankles and knees.

Besides the quads, front squats will also develop you posture because you will need to hold all the weight on the front side of your shoulders, at clavicle level. For this you need to have perfect posture – your back should be straight up, your rib cage must open up wide and you will also need to have a strong abs/core and back muscles in order to stabilize the weight.


Front squats are also a great exercise for activating the glutes, because of the positioning of the weight in the front part of your body, when you lift the weight up, even though the quads are doing most of the work, the glutes are taking a big hit as well.

Be careful, it’s very easy to do this exercise wrong. Most common issue is elbow positioning – elbows should point forward or even slightly upwards, so that your arms are parallel to the ground.

Weak abs or core also can mess up a front squat, so make sure that your core section is in check. Use lighter weights at first if you feel you can’t do the exercise with good form.




3. Dips


You can target a lot of upper body muscles doing dips, and you can even do it at home if you have a parallel bar. No fancy gym equipment needed here.


Firstly, the dip exercise is a compound movement, which we know for a fact that are superior for building muscle when compared to isolation or single joint exercises. With dips, depending on the variation you are doing you will target your triceps, your chest and possibly a little bit of delts, or shoulder muscles.


Secondly, just as with any weighted exercise you can adjust the intensity of the dip. Even though a dip is essentially is a bodyweight exercise, you can easily play with the difficulty of the exercise. You can add more weight if you are getting too strong for your bodyweight or you can subtract weight by using a machine, in case you are a beginner or you simply want to do more reps.




4. Chin-Ups


Last but not least, chin-ups are a great exercise that together with the dips will complement an upper body workout perfectly. You will work your entire upper body with just these two exercises.

Different variations of pulling up your bodyweight to the bar will develop your biceps, your back and rear delts, putting more or less emphasis on your biceps or on your back, depending on several factors you can adjust easily – such as hand placement or grip for example.


The intensity can be adjusted by adding more weight once you get too strong for your body weight, by doing pause reps or by decreasing resting periods between sets. Just be creative with it.


These workouts are HARD, INTENSE, yet VERY EFFECTIVE! Find the right progression level for you in order to move on up the ladder overtime. In case you’ve only got a few hours in a week to workout, this will be perfect for you.




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