Back Workout Gains!

December 3, 2018


A strong, toned back is not only pretty to look at, but when worked right, it can also be a vital component in improving your overall well-being and fitness level. To build that nice v-taper and boast a healthy back, regardless of your main goal, here is a tip.


Three (3) Key Movements are required:

  • a pull IN motion (rows)

  • a pull-DOWN motion

  • a pull OVER motion


As a baseline for a solid back workout, pick two different pull-IN movements, two different pull-DOWN movements, and at least one pull-OVER movement.


Change the grip in using different variations too, that will help each workout be more challenging and will provide different stimuluses.



Rep range


When resistance training for repetitions, you are no longer doing a basic exercise until it is tiring. You are now doing an exercise until you can no longer do it. If you get to the end of your rep range and could keep going without too much difficulty, then you need to increase the weight. For some, there will be a lot of guessing and checking, but once you find your strength level, it becomes much easier to get right since you’ll know your weight range.



Suggested Exercises for increased overall back strength:


Pull-IN exercises: Cable rows, TRX rows, dumbbell rows, barbell rows, machine rows

Pull-DOWN exercises: Cable pulldowns, machine pulldowns, body weight pull-ups, TRX pull-ups

Pull-OVER exercises: Standing cable pullovers, lying down dumbbell pullovers, kneeling band pullovers




Today’s Winner Workout:


- Pull-ups (Modification Options: Inverted pull-ups or Australian Pull-ups)

- Dumbbell pullovers

- Dumbbell rows

- Straight arm lateral pulldowns

- Barbell rows




What muscle is your favorite to work out?

How did this workout work or you?

Leave your comments below!



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