Thanksgiving Indulgence GUILT FREE!

November 22, 2018


No matter if you are a turkey lover or a carb enthusiast on holiday season, there’s a time for everything. On top of that list, we can often find our friends and family to enjoy a great time together. So how about treating yourself to thanksgiving feasts, AND logging in that fantastic workout



I like to get out on the road early for a run before the festivities kick off. It would be impossible to do it with a turkey belly, so this is what I’ve got to do. Running is also my 'me' time to appreciate everything and everyone around me. I suggest you do the same!





  • Get up outta bed or stop everything you’re doing.

  • Set aside 20-30 minutes.

  • Get outside and challenge yourself.

  • Do 30/60 sec sprints followed by 3 min active recovery walking or jogging.


You will be done in no time and will undoubtedly thank yourself later ;)



Now be SMART! Heap on those veggies, go easy on your potato game and gobble up that Turkey because you DESERVE IT!



Remember, cranberry sauce is only a garnish as much as you think it’s like gravy this time of year.



Thank yourself for all you do, for all you are!


Close your eyes, breathe deep, appreciate each and every movement. Share this virtuous day with loved ones and be grateful. Be well!



Quote of the Day: “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” ― John F. Kennedy



Push your limits, let doubt become your fuel for motivation.



Brought to you by Vibets.




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