BURN those Easter Cals with this HIIT Routine!

April 2, 2018




You can run but you can't hide.


Every year I say that I'm not going to indulge myself, but those sneaky Cadbury Eggs seem to find their way into my belly every Easter!


Let's be prepared this year! Let's EARN those Easter Calories!


First of all what is HIIT and why is it so good for you?


HIIT ~ High Intensity Interval Training is a training technique in which you push yourself as hard as you can through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. HIIT keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. It also increases the speed of your metabolism for a prolonged period of time and you will burn more calories throughout the day!


Working out and burning those extra calories should be fun.


Here is my go-to HIIT routine.


I teach it in my P90XLIVE class, it isn't complicated at all and requires no equipment (Tony Horton, P90X Guru, is a crazy man but he gets the job done)!


 - This routine should take about 17 minutes;

 - There will be three (3) different exercises, and five (5) sets of each;

 - One (1) set equals 45 seconds of intense exercise with a 15 second of rest between each set.


Take 1 minute breaks between each exercise.


First, set up a timer (your phone works just fine):

- You will need 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest in each interval. 



Here we go:



1. Jack Squats ~ 5 sets ...45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between sets:


These are like jumping jacks but you stay in the squat position THE ENTIRE 45 SECONDS.

  • Cross your arms over your chest, legs together and knees bent;

  • Jump out and in like a jumping jack;

  • Your arms go from crossed in front of your chest then pull back to your sides with each jump.

    • Repeat for 4 more sets ;)




1 minute break



2. Speed Skater ~ 5 sets ...45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between sets:


This move is exactly what it sounds like. This move is also called the bowler if that gives you a better idea of what this move looks like. I always say in my class "If you're having fun and feel like you're dancing with this move .... you're doing it wrong. It should be intense and powerful!


  • Start with feet together and legs bent;

  • Glide with wide steps side to side keeping your legs bent and chest low;

  • Your leg should cross behind the other leg as you try to touch the floor with one hand.

    • Repeat for 4 more sets! ;)




1 minute break



3. Shuffle Squat ~ 5 sets ...45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between sets:

You want to work your inner thighs with this move.

Don't just skip from side to side. Again, HIIT is INTENSE for the full 45 seconds!! Get after it!


Tip: Keep chanting in your head " Shuffle, Shuffle, SQUAT ....Shuffle, Shuffle, SQUAT"


  • Start with feet together and legs bent;

  • Shuffle twice, staying low, to the left;

  • SQUAT;

  • Quickly shuffle twice to the right;

  • SQUAT;

    • Repeat for 4 more sets and, DONE!


That's it! Give it all you got! Keep good form and ...... HIIT IT!!

Say goodbye to that extra Easter slob and keep up the good work for the rest of the week.

Your mind and body will thank you!


Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!




Stephanie Stevens


Stephanie has been a P90XLive and PIYOLive Instructor for 4 years and is currently working on her Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification. Everything that she writes about comes with first-hand knowledge as she was once 40 pounds heavier. Instead of fad diets and weight-loss quick gimmicks, Stephanie stayed consistent with a healthy diet and constant exercise. She educated herself by getting certified in many different areas of exercise and learning how to first be healthy and then lose weight. Now, she is helping others do the same!



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