Product Care

Keep it Clean

It’s important to regularly clean your Vibets Pulse to avoid accumulation of dust, dirt, sweat and other substances trapped on the strap after ongoing exposure. Proper care of your fitness tracker will ensure it operates smoothly for a long time!

For proper cleaning, use a soapless cleanser and soft damp towel. If required, rinse the fitness tracker and dry it off with a dry soft towel. When facing tough spots, such as stubborn dirt, use a wet soft-bristled toothbrush and repeat the steps above, as required.


Do not use household cleansers to clean your fitness tracker (detergents, glass cleaner, stain remover, dishwashing soap, etc).


For best results, your device should rest on your wrist about a finger’s

width above the wrist bone, similar to where you would wear a watch.


Adjust the length of the strap until it is firmly braced around the wrist.

But don’t wear the device too tight as that may restrict blood flow and potentially affect the heart rate signal. It should be a snug yet not constrictive fit, always in contact with the skin on your wrist.


You can also wear it higher on your wrist during exercise for more accurate readings.

Keep Dry

The Vibets Pulse is water resistant. It has an IPX7 waterproof level, meaning you can wear it in the shower or on rainy days, for instance. It can also resist water up to 3.3ft or 1m in depth.


However, it's not good to keep wet straps on your skin for long periods of time. When your fitness tracker is wet, after sweating or showering for instance, rinse and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist, when properly dry.

Give it a rest

Prolonged rubbing and pressure applied against the skin may cause irritation, so it is recommended to give your wrist a break from time to time.

Try to remove the fitness tracker for at least one (1) hour after extended wear to avoid skin irritation.

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