• Analyze your performance development overtime.

Sleeping monitor

  • Understand your sleep quality and make adjustments for achieving the best possible rest at night.

  • Analyze your improved sleep quality and embrace the improved energy throughout the day.

Heart rate monitor

  • Monitor your live heart rate. Your health always comes first.

  • View your average heart rate throughout the day and understand your body responding the different stimulus during your day.

Daily Activities

  • Evaluate your performance through calories burned, distance, and duration of workouts.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, or get toned , count with the VeryFit Pro App.

Activities performance

  • Evaluate your comprehensive performance metrics for each day of the week.

  • Evaluate your comprehensive performance metrics and variations within the month.

  • Observe your comprehensive performance for the entire year and see how much you achieved.

Sleeping quality

  • Sleeping quality can be seen in the monitor on a daily basis.

  • You can also check your monthly sleep tracker to analyze the quality and depth of your sleep.

  • And also for the year, keeping long term data of your sleep quality.

  • Observe and analyze heart rate trends throughout the month and how your lifestyle is affecting it.

Yearly historic

  • Have a year long picture of your heart rate readings and keep a pro-active approach to living well and responsibly.

Move and track

Begin cardiovascular exercises with a single click. Choose the run icon to get moving and track your performances in the app.

  • You can see the core metrics of your cardiovascular workout in this screen.

Connected to GPS

You can go at your own pace and style. Walk, run, bike or hike and track everything you do live through the app.

Continuous heart rate monitor

  • Observe your heart rate peaks and valleys throughout the week. Be on top of your body’s responses at all times.

Weight progress

Record your weigh-ins and maintain a history of your health and fitness progress as you reach your every day goals.

Alerts and notifications

Customize your experience by setting up all types of alerts and notification styles and tweaking the settings to your own preference.

Be motivated!​

Check top trending users, update your profile, review targets, and more! The Vibets Pulse companion App has a multitude of features that will greatly enhance your experience!

Multiple sport mode

Want more? You can choose Sports types for a more accurate reading on your metrics. There are many to choose from.

Share with friends

Share your accomplishments with your friends on your social networks, share your routes and photos!

Get the VeryFit Pro App and start moving!

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